Realizing The Error of Our Ways

I’ve noticed trials bring a lot to the surface. God reveals the contents of our hearts to us if we pay attention. After those revelations we know some of the things we ought to pray for, the Holy Spirit helps with the other things we don’t know. I remember just 3 years ago thinking how I wasn’t all that bad. I thought i had one major sin and when judgement day comes i could explain why i couldn’t stop doing it. I was that arrogant and full of pride and I didn’t realize that until recently when I thought about how I used to be. I thought i would be able to negotiate with God on judgement day. Imagine that? Mistake number 1.

Mistake number 2 was that I thought I only had one problem. After the contents of my heart were revealed to me in the midst of a trial or test, or really after a trial or test when I sat down and examined myself and thought of my reaction during those times, I realized how impatient I was, how selfish I was (and i thought i was a nice person) I realized recently how much I’m not all the time and that’s not good. I also realized how quickly i can go from 0-100 in anger, how fearful I become, how much I become doubtful, how quickly I forgot things I knew to be true. I noticed a bunch of other things about myself that I never knew before and had it not been for the power and grace of God I probably would never have known.

Even if it were possible and God forgave me for my “1 major sin”, I thought I had, on judgement day, that would only have been the tip of the iceberg. Being shown or realizing the error of our ways on this journey is very important so we can repent of those things and forsake them and begin walking in the ways of the Lord. This is also important for growth. Many don’t realize how much they need Jesus until they realize how filthy we truly are without Him and the cleansing power of His blood. It’s important that we spend time examing ourselves and not let pride prevent us from doing so.

To God belongs all the glory for His grace and mercy and and longsuffering toward us. And thanks be to God for His love toward us through the power of the blood of Jesus His Son, our blessed Redeemer.


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