Spiritual Warfare and Practicing What We Preach

Something I have realized over time is that as a follower of Christ we will be tested in everything. I notice these tests especially come after you’ve been affirming something in the word. If you just finished that day talking about being patient, you can be certain before that day or week or month is up your patience will be tested. The same goes for self-control, temptation, forgiveness, anger, covetousness, humility, whatever it may be, if you just finished that day or week sharing how we ought to behave in accordance to the word of God, EXPECT to be tested at some point in your walk, at least that has been my experience thus far.

What you do when you’re being tested determines if you’re faithful or if you need to grow or if you’re just a hypocrite. I know I need to grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ and by the grace of God I will. In honesty there are times when I behaved like a hypocrite and after I realized that after I calmed down, it really broke me up real bad. There have also been times when I have been faithful but it’s the times when I acted like a hypocrite that I remember always. I repent to God for not walking in His ways, for losing my cool. Thank God for grace and mercy.

Truly the Spirit and the flesh are at war, sometimes I can feel the war going on. My conscience is urging me to do what is right (i truly believe it is the Spirit of the Lord encouraging me to do what is good), but on the other hand the urge to just do what i feel is right, what i feel is only fair, seems to be so overwhelming I can hardly restrain myself. I thank God that He is helping us fight these battles. I remember thinking I want my conscience to shut up because I started to feel real bad and I thought how much I hated that feeling, just go away. I realized after I said that, it was the feeling to do good i wanted to go away, that’s not good; then on another occasion the feeling of wanting to do bad I want to go away, that particular feeling I feel more often.

This has happened often within me, a battle going on in my mind is how I have often seen it but in reality it’s an all out war between the Spirit and the flesh. We must remember the enemy is roaming aroung like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour, but it is written that we (must resist him by being steadfast in the faith). Let us also remember the Lord is our helper. Whom shall we fear?

All I know is the Spirit of God is my helper and that is the side I need to be on. Sometimes it feels like this war is taking a toll on my body but I guess this is why we’re told to die daily. There’s a scripture in Genesis where God tells Cain that if you do well will you not be accepted? But if you do not do well sin crouches at the door and it’s desire is for you, but you should rule over it.

I said all this because all this has happened to me, is happening to me. But the word of God has renewed my strength each and everytime. I said all this to encourage others to perservere we are (more) than conquerors. And even Jesus our Lord and Blessed Redeemer, although He was a Son even He learnt obedience through suffering. Hebrews 5:8. And if He learnt obedience that way we must remember it is written a servant is not greater than his Master.
Also, let’s remember to not be hypocrites, practice what we preach and place all our trust in the Lord.


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