God is faithful and true!


In Psalm 23 verse 5 it is written, “You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; you annoint my head with oil, my cup runs over.” I was reminded of this verse when I was reading the Book of Esther just now.

Many know of Esther’s story and how the Jews were saved from being destroyed because of her faithfulness and obedience to God, but mainly they were saved because God keeps His word to deliver His people, no matter what, He will never truly forsake His people. Most take the story of Esther and turn it into a romance story focusing only on Esther’s (barely mentioned in the Book of Esther) relationship with the king. The story of Esther is NOT some romantic Disney fairytale or romance novel penned by Nicholas Sparks. The story of Esther is a TRUE STORY & (Like the story of Hosea)it is really about God and His people, period. During this story about Esther there are other stories that show the consistent faithfulness and goodness of God, (it always points to God, always).

There was a man named Haman, who long story short, developed a deep hate for the Jews after Moredcai (Esther’s cousin who became her guardian after both her parents died), refused to bow to Haman. This really stirred Haman up to convince the King to destroy all Jews: men, women, children, young & old. The King agreed (not being aware that his Queen was also a Jew).

Before the matter presented in the decree was planned to happen, Haman had plotted (by the evil counsel of his wife & others), to hang Mordecai.

Now this is where that Psalm verse comes in. The king couldn’t sleep one night so he commanded to have the chronicles of the kings to be read to him.  In it was a record of an incident that happened earlier where some guys that worked for the king in his palace had plotted to kill the king; Mordecai (who hung around the palace gate because his neice was there), happened to over hear this plot and told Esther who then told the king, then the king had the two guys killed.

After this was read to the king he asked what honor was givin to that man (Mordecai)? They said to the king that nothing had been done to honour this man. Now meanwhile this was going on Haman was out in the courtyard of the palace going to the king to tell him to have Mordecai hanged on the gallows Haman had built. The king said who’s that out there? Then Haman entered and before he could speak, the king asked him what should be done to honor a man that the king delights to honor? Haman though the king was meaning him so he listed all the things that the king should do. The king was pleased by that and said go and do all of that for Mordecai.

Haman did all that he told the King to do to an honoured man. He placed a robe on Mordecai and led Mordecai around the city on one of the kings horses and Haman had to also exclaim as he led Mordecai, “Thus shall be done to the man the king delights to honor!” Now after this Haman ran home and covered his face and was crying (naturally he was just humiliated).  And it doesn’t end there, later when Esther told the King about Haman’s plot to kill her people (Jews), Haman and his sons were hanged from the very same gallows Haman had built for Mordecai.

I shared all this because it was a perfect example of that verse in Psalms that tells us that God will set a table before us in the presence of our enemy. This shows us that God is always working out something good for those that love Him and are called according to His purpose. This story shows how God’s hand was at work (even keeping the king from being able to sleep so he could be reminded of what Mordecai had done). If Esther had not been in that palace Mordecai would not have had any reason to be hanging around the palace gates, so Mordecai never would have overheard the plot to have the king killed, so the king would have ended up being killed. God saved even the life of this Persian king (because God still had a bigger plan at work soon to be fulfilled, and that plan was to save His people), not even Haman and his wicked heart could stop that; The enemy is no match for God.

With Haman and Mordecai’s story, we have the wicked and unjust honoring a man who was not wicked and who was just. This story in a story reminds us that in spite of what we face, in spite of plots of the enemy, God is not sleeping, He is working all things out for good for those that love Him and are called according to His purpose. We must simply, “Wait on the Lord, be of good courage and He shall strengthen your heart, Wait I say on the Lord.” Psalm 27:14.
Don’t ever seek to take revenge for yourselves (it’s God’s job), and this story is a perfect example. Wait and you will be honored in due time. Wait. It is better to wait on the Lord than to avenge yourselves.

Be encouraged.


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