The Connection Between the Heart and Mind (Part One)

I have been experiencing what seems like some attacks on my mind recently and it led me to wonder what was going on with me. I have prayed about it and I believe God has helped me to understand what has been going on.

I realized that there is a connection between the heart and the mind, so much that it wouldn’t be an over exaggeration to say that they can even be considered one, that’s how closely connected they are, whatever happens in one effects what happens in the other, if one is defiled, so is the other. When our heart is cleansed, so are our minds, when our heart is renewed so are our minds. Our minds and hearts can only truly be cleansed and renewed after we fully surrender over to God and submit ourselves to walking in His perfect an Holy ways.

It’s very important to know that the enemy attacks our minds daily, it is his main battlefield, right in our minds/hearts. That’s why it is so important to be careful what we allow to enter our minds and have dominion because these things can shape our behavior and how we view things in life. This is a reason why it’s good to fill ourselves with the word of God and allow God, through His power, to to mold us into His likeness. The word of God has the power to truly renew a person’s mind in a good way and establish godly and righteous principles in our hearts for us to live by.

Our thoughts can either poison us or strengthen us, this is why lies and deception are the enemies main weapons, and why he is considered the the father of lies. Satan can do nothing but lie, there is no truth in him, (John 8:44-45). It’s the only weapon he needs really, and why all he does is roam around watching our behavior and reactions to certain things, this is how finds out what’s in our hearts so he can know exactly who is easy to devour. He cannot read our minds, only the spirit of a man knows the thoughts of a man (1 Corinthians 2:11), but he can read our actions and hear our words, another reason why we have to be careful even what we utter. What we say is also a reflection of what’s in our hearts, the word of God tells us this, (Matthew 12:34) .

The enemy knows that our outward actions are a reflection of our hearts and thoughts. He’s been around long enough to observe these patterns of mankind. This is a reason why our conduct is so very important, and why we are urged in scripture to make sure our conducts is always worthy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, (Philippians 1:27). The enemy is out there watching and waiting to find something to accuse us of.

The enemy aims straight for the head/mind when he’s trying to cause damage in your life and in the lives of others around you. He knows that an attack on the mind is also an attack on the heart and ultimately will impact a person’s behavior, causing a person to behave erratically or violently.

One person’s thoughts can effect a whole bunch of persons depending on what we allow to take control of our minds. Scripture shows us that even murder begins in the mind/heart (1 John 3:15, Matthew 5:21-22). Adultery begins in the mind/heart (Matthew 5:27-28). Fornication, jealousy, evil suspicions, covetousness, hatred, bitterness, all of theses things generate in our minds and reflect the condition of our hearts. Our thoughts, if bad, can generate strife, but if good, they can bring about peace and love. What we take in from this world also greatly affects our actions, this is a reason why the word of God urges us to set our mind on things above and not on things here on earth.


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