Woe is to me, if I preach not the Gospel!


There are some people out there who LOVE to say to Christians, or about Christians, that we need to, “stop forcing our beliefs on people”. This usually comes simply from seeing somebody share the word of God, as Christ instructed His disciples to do, as we’re instructed to do in season (when people seem interested) and out of season (when people really are not interested at all). No matter the season, we have to preach the word.

When I see people say things like we’re “forcing” our belief or religion on people, I wonder if these people really understand what forcing a belief on a person really is. Here is an example of forcing a belief on a person; when somebody comes to your home or workplace or wherever you are and pulls out a knife or gun and threatens to kill you or burn down your home or kidnap your children, or torture you if you do not convert to their religion, THAT IS FORCING. Simply preaching the word is NOT forcing. At least with simple preaching, the person still has the FREEDOM to listen to what was said or walk away.

If somebody proclaiming to be a disciple of Jesus Christ ever threatens your life or even physically assaults you in any way in order to convert you to Christianity, then they are NOT a disciple of Jesus Christ because Jesus NEVER did that and He never taught His disciples to do such things. In fact Jesus said, “the time is coming that whoever kills you will think that he offers God service. And these things they will do to you because —>they have not known the Father nor Me.<—” John 16:1-3. Had these people known the Son and the Father they would never kill you in the name of God or threaten to kill you.

Our command is simple. PREACH DA WORD!!! So we preach it. Everyone may not agree with what is preached but just because you disagree, DO NOT go around making ridiculously false claims like “Christians are forcing their belief” on you. NOBODY can force you into a religion without actually threatening your life and you submitting to them because you don’t want to die, and even then many people would rather die than convert to something they know is false. The Muslim extremists know this very well and that is why force is their m.o when it comes to getting people from other religions to join their religion. Meanwhile if you don’t agree with a Christian’s teaching we just keep it moving.

Yes, we may try to urge you or convince you and bring up God often, (it is out of Love, though many don’t see it as such. It is because we know the urgency and importance of receiving salvation NOW, TODAY, the time is short). Force is not something I do or have seen any (true) disciple of Jesus Christ ever do. In fact we are told to be meek (gentle) and humble like Jesus. Meekness and humility are very much absent when somebody is forcing a person to do anything. I realized these people who LOVE to make foolish comments like Christians “forcing” there beliefs on people, really just want Christians to shut up all together, they just don’t want any of us to say anything at all.

Well, “woe is to me, if I preach not the gospel!” 1 Corinthians 9:16.


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