Part Two. Why the modern day teaching that God requires us to tithe is a destructive doctrine.

I want to share some of what I have heard and what my responses were when it comes to the topic of tithing and I’ve provided some things you need to know about tithing that they NEVER teach in church services but it’s right in the Bible. I will not be going into one of the most over used statements in rebuttal to tithing which is, “God didn’t come to change the law but fulfill it”. I won’t go in to that because I wrote on that in a post before and explained that separately. Explaining the changes in the law, explaining what is the old covenant and what is the new covenant needs its own separate post, most importantly it needs very thorough study with prayer. I will try and attach the blog where I wrote on the statement, “God didn’t come to change the law but fulfill it.”

I have told many people that tithing is a part of the law that God came and fulfilled and which is no longer required of us, (which the Bible states. Galatians really explains the changes in the law and Hebrews as well helps a person to understand what Jesus meant when He said “It is finished”), but people have replied, “But tithing also pre-dates the law. Remember Abraham and Melchizdek?” To which I reply, “Yes, the (word) tithing does pre-date the law, but the command from God does not.

When Abraham gave a tenth of what he did, in actuality he was doing what Paul urges in 2 Corinthains 9:7. Abraham gave as he purposed in his heart, God never anywhere in scripture commanded Abraham to give what he gave to Melchizidek, but in the law God COMMANDS a tenth and it’s not of money but of animals and grain and so on. Also, circumcision pre-dates the law, and God actually told Abraham to do it, so why aren’t people preaching that we must be circumcised? Why? Because there is no monetary gain from circumcision that covetous people can prophet from. Also, I have noticed that the same people who bring up Malachi 3:8 scripture tend to go ahead and refer back to Abraham giving a tithe to Melchizidek pre-dating the law, they don’t realize how they contradict the other. Either you’re position is from Malachi 3:8 (which is law) or from Genesis with Abraham and Melchzidek (which is not law), cannot use both or believe both because one is a requirement (law) and one is not.

Here is something else they never say when teaching that you have to tithe. They never actually teach the tithe was to be given to Levites (AND) that priesthood was ended a LONG TIME AGO (Hebrews 7:11-19).

They never teach that what is given is not money but it was what the Hebrews harvested and flock. There is scripture that even showed how tithes were to be eaten, Deuteronomy 14:22-23, Deuteronomy 14:28, (so how can a person eat money?) More evidence that tithing money was NEVER a command of God but a commandment of man. People who believe in tithing also say, “God changeth not” yet they teach that God changed tithe from being grain to being money. There is nothing in scripture that God told His people to ever offer money or that He made a change that tithe can now be money.

HERE’S A BIG ONE. They never teach that a tithe is not to be given every Sunday or every month when a person gets payed. Each law has a thoroughly explained process of how it is actually to be done and when. The principles of Tithing is presented in Deuteronomy 14:28. It says, “At the end of every third year you shall bring out the tithe of your produce of that year and store it up within your gates.” EVERY THIRD YEAR. not every Sunday in church or whenever ya get ya paycheck, monthly weekly or bi-weekly. It goes on to say in verse 29, how the tithe is also for the stranger, widows and fatherless (orphans), no room made for mandatory giving of a tenth of your salary to Pastors. To get the full understanding of the PRINCIPLE of tithing read all of Deuteronomy 14:22-29 and Numbers 18:21-32.

I have seen people ask, “Then if you don’t think tithing is required then how will people upkeep the church and bills etc?” People ask that because they see tithing as the only form of giving to the church that Christians do, that’s because almost all emphasis it placed on tithing and little to none on what Paul said in 2 Corinthains 9:7. The correct form of giving is to give as you purpose in your heart, not out of grudge or necessity. People can help out because they are still giving, that is how bills are paid if need be. This what I’m about to say please pay close attention to and take note: Taking away tithing DOES not take away GIVING.

As far as paying churches bills being one of the arguments people make for tithing being important and remaining, God never commanded man to go out and build church buildings, He told people to go out and make disciples of men. If the disciples didn’t need to build churches to do that then how is now people think it is a necessity? The Apostles went to homes, they preached in the streets if they had to, on steps, if a city had a temple (A) temple, not hundreds, they would walk in and share the word, but they did not build churches of stone. If people did what God commanded then there would be no “church bills” to begin with.

I want to go on and explain all the many scriptures that refute this wrong teaching of tithing(there are so many other scriptures I wanted to touch on) but I want to close here and leave the main two reasons the teaching that tithing is required from God today MUST BE REFUTED, even though sometimes it feels pointless because many seem set in their ways, still we must press on as God gives us grace and strength to do so. I have had a woman tell me last week how it works for her and she will keep doing it no matter what. I think that was my third time trying to reason with her on this topic.

Most important reasons these teaching to remain under the law by tithing mus stop:
Because Tithing was law and we who are in Jesus Christ, being led by the Spirit of God, who walk and live by faith, are not under the law, (Galatians 5:18), and because following even only one part of the law and leaving out the rest is what actually brings the curse and not simply not tithing, like pastors preach, but only keeping part of the law and not the rest will cause you to be cursed, we need to warn people about this. (Galatians 5).

Finally, the most important reason is because we all who claim to follow God, want to end up spending our eternity with Him, (but) scripture states that if a person returns to the law they have fallen from grace, and are estranged from Christ, Galatians 5:4. Do not be confused because you see the word circumcision, it is using circumcision as an example out of the law, the over all point (which many miss) is that if a person tries to keep any part of the law to be justified before God they have fallen from grace and are estranged from Christ. Secondly, according to the explanation of what is the old covenant and the new covenant in Galatians 4:21-31. The old covenant (is what was given to Moses on Mount Sinai and those who remain under that are not heirs of the promise God made to Abraham and his seed.) These are two things that are so important for people to know who insist on tithing or keeping any part of the law. You are not pleasing God by doing it but instead you’re disobeying Him and making yourself out of the running for spending eternity with God, plus it shows that a person really doesn’t understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ and what all we gained from the one sacrifice He made on the cross.
My conclusion on this.
If a person teaches that God requires (mandatory) that we tithe out of our income, that preacher is covetous or still blind and not a servant of God. Somebody might say, “Well, some just don’t know the truth”, I could hear that for those who are under these preachers but when it comes to the preacher, nope, cause that’s all it is, an excuse. Many preachers act like they know everything and you can’t them anything or dare to correct them so they should know this. The truth is, as a preacher of the word of God who was either called or made themselves a shepherd of God’s flock (because many have called themselves and were not even called by God, simply have a doctorate not an anointing from God Himself) How do I know this some may say? Well, if you have an anointing to be a Shepherd of God’s flock you don’t need a doctorate from theology school or wherever, being anointed supplies .you with the Spirit of God who teaches us through God’s word the truth. So nobody should have to pay for what God gives freely to all who believe in Him. He even tells us, “Freely you receive, freely give.” Matthew 10:8. These people can only for so long claim ignorance as a reason they deceive people with such erroneous teaching. There are now TOO many people who have presented the truth on this and still these willfully ignorant people reject this truth and continue to preach lies.

This is a teaching in churches today that really makes me furious to be honest. False prophets, defense of false prophets and false teachers, covetous preachers, false doctrines, commandments of men being taught as though they are commandments of God, are just a few of the things that make me burn with indignation that not even words can describe. I blog about other important issues and topics that churches dodge in Bible studies and Sunday sermons here on this blog. I urge persons to truly take some time, even if only a half hour or more a day to study the word of God for themselves and pray for an understanding heart so they won’t be deceived by anybody who claims they speak for Christ and meditate on His word.


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