Let them see to it


One of the most common responses I have heard when I have told people that God does not require for us to tithe is, “Then how will the bills be paid in the church?” One of the reasons people respond like this is because they think,”no tithe, no money given AT ALL”, as though paying tithes is the ONLY way to give money. Many people have that understanding sadly because the correct way to give which is pleasing and acceptable to God is not taught.

When I thought on this question more and more, I thought to myself, “Wait one minute, if the bills need to be payed in the churches let the pastors who built these big church buildings go and see to it themselves.” God told His disciples to go and make disciples of men, preach repentance and remission of sins, and believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He never said go and build churches of stone in the first place for there to be Church bills that people of God need to be burdened dealing with.

None of the Apostles sought out to build a church building, they went out to preach the word of God and make disciples of men. They preached in the streets, on steps, in houses, and (if) there was a temple in a city they would go there and preach the word, and the reason they went there is because people were gathered there, and there were not ten temples on one street, or a thousand in one town like we have today. Back in the day I remembered people would gather under tents, now people pay rent in plazas until they finish building their megaplex Church building. How is it that today one of the priorities of many pastors is building a church building? Creating disciples seems to have taken a backseat to breaking foundation for a church building to be built. They’re not just building something they can afford to pay for out of pocket or that wouldn’t be so expensive to maintain? No, they build churches with wings like the White House, steeples, foyers, gift shops, and floors you need elevators to go up to. Building funds has been the new form of soliciting money from people eager to buy there way into heaven.

I once sat in church and heard the Pastor talk about a building fund for an expansion of the already big building that church was already held in (and was barely full that if you moved everyone to one row an entire other congregation could come in and still there would be room for more). I thought to myself, “Why build a bigger building just to have more people to preach lies to?” Today many are not preaching God’s words but their own words or the words their theology class instructor or seminary school professor taught them?”

Church building bills? This was not something that God made for us to be burdened with, man created that burden and want the people of the congregation to not share that burden, but to bear it for them. No matter what excuses they make for the necessity of tithing today, God does not require it at all. “But how will they pay the church bills?” Let them see to it. We will spend our time preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and making disciples of all nations.


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