Homosexuality deflection.


How come ONLY when Christians or anyone mentions ANYTHING the Bible states about Homosexuality, certain people come and deflect by bringing up other sins mentioned in the Bible and wonder why those weren’t mentioned too?

Well, because the TOPIC is HOMOSEXUALITY. If the TOPIC was adultery, fornication, witchcraft, lying, outbursts of wrath, covetoussness, idolatry, or whatver else the word of God deems is sin and will cause a person not to inherit the Kingdom of God, then those topics would be mentioned.

Why is it though that when somebody does talk about Adultery or Fornication, or Witchraft, Murder, or whatever else, these same people don’t come and say “What about homosexuality, covetousness, lying, stealing, murder?” You know why these people don’t bring these things up on other topics but only Homosexuality? Becuase these people don’t want Homosexuality to be addressed at all ever because as far as they are concerned, nevermind what the Bible has to say about it, they don’t feel it is wrong so end of story end of all debate. So, presumably their feelings of what is wrong or right, what is sin and what is not, trumps what God considers wrong or right, sin or not sin? Are these people more wiser or righteous than God? No.

Homosexuality is truly not the only sin in the Bible, scripture is crystal clear on that. The REASON TODAY homsexuality is getting so much attention not only from Christians but even Homosexuals is becuase of all the changes being made in law and elswhere to accomodate this sin and the effects it has on everyone including the rights of Christians and our beliefs which seem to not be taken into consideration at all except for when certain people are ridiculing us. Taking time to focus on Homosexuality is not negating the FACT that ALL SINS committed by a person prevents a person from inheriting the Kingdom of Heaven if they do not repent of them and believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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  1. tmezpoetry says:

    Well if you haven’t been to the other side where for years mainstream evangelicals have said the most demeaning things about you (not your sin, but you), then no, you wouldn’t have a clue as to why. It is a shame that even you do it here writing ‘these people’. Really? These people?

    1. SLRK says:

      I have been “to the other side” for many years of my life. I lived as a gay person secretly from my high school years until I was 20. In my early to mid twenties (especially my mid twenties) I became open about it even though I grew up in a country that considers itself a “Christian Nation”. I have heard probably everything evangelicals can say about homosexuality, even at home by my own mother, so I do have a clue, more than a just a clue actually.

      This post is about the obvious hypocrisy, the obvious one sided attitude that gays have when it comes to the topic of homosexuality and the obvious hate that they have towards Christians.

      I left the gay life after I came to the knowledge of the truth in Jesus Christ. I have to admit I knew of what the Bible said about homosexuality being that I did grow up in a “Christian Nation” or at least for certain in a Christian home, but still I rebelled, justified my way around my actions and really didn’t care much for the rhetoric from Christians at the time about my lifestyle so I was especially aggressive towards them when they would address it. Me and many others who have been delivered from homosexuality are living proof of the power of God and His ability to redeem any soul from sin, no matter the sin. Once a person confesses their sins God is faithful to forgive them of their sins and cleanse them of all unrighteousness.

      This is the very reason Jesus Christ came here, to redeem us from sin, to reconcile us to God. He was born of a virgin, became a living and breathing human being in flesh, He preached the Gospel of God’s kingdom, He displayed many signs and miracles by the power of God the Father dwelling in Him so people would believe He is the Christ prophesied in the law, prophets, and by King David. He was crucified, He died, He arose three days later, all of this so we could have eternal life, which is found only in Him. This I believe, this I preach. I’m not here to be sinister or malicious.
      Me saying “these people”is not a derogatory term of some kind, though you’re acting as though it is. It’s just what I typed. I said these people because it had already been established that I was talking about gay people I didn’t need to keep typing gay people or homosexual people. There was no malice behind those words or any of the words I shared. Thank you for reading.

      1. tmezpoetry says:

        Well we can agree to disagree on the premises for such defense. I agree it is easy to be blinded on either side with polarized thinking (christian hate us, gays hate us) but it is simply not true for everyone. And yes, people can be hypocrites, bias, prejudice etc, but that is based on a personal level rather than polarizing whole groups. The political arena only fueled this type of thinking unfortunately. I’m glad you responded and had no malicious thoughts when writing the post. I just wish the polarizing on both sides will stop to see humanity behind it. Peace.

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