Counting the Cost

Want to share a little story to encourage brethren in these days.
Here is a very very brief dialogue I had yesterday with a young lady about how homosexuality in the 1950’s was treated. We were talking about a recently released film based in the 1950’s but had a gay storyline. I had not seen this film but she had seen it and mentioned it to me. Here is what was said.
HER: I can’t imagine how hard it would have been to be gay in the 50’s in America. These type of films bring us hope as we see how our culture is evolving and moving beyond the bigoted views that have dominated for so long.

ME: I don’t know if I would call the views of the 1950’s, as far as being gay goes, as bigoted. Back then their views were based on their religious beliefs that being gay or pretty much any type of sexual behavior that was not right in the eyes of God, like homosexuality, adultery, fornication, sodomy, child molestation, rape, etc was sinful and something to be repented of just like all other sins. As a Christian I share this belief because God’s word hasn’t changed on that.

At the conclusion of her message she shared how she was glad to have me as a friend (an internet friend I supposed since we don’t actually know each other in real life, she’s from San Francisco Bay Area)

I sent my reply last night. I went today on the website to see if she responded. I braced myself in case her message was going to be going off on me and other Christians about how bigoted we are and hateful and homophobic etc. Turned out she just deleted the discussion. Being that she ALWAYS replies back to my messages and is always super friendly with me, her non response and deletion of the dialogue was an indication of her being done with me. Maybe it’s to early to tell but I might still communicate with her, if she ignores I guess then all speculation is suspended and it’s certain she’s through with me.

I was hesitant to reply to her initial message because it came out of no where, and because of the topic I had a strong feeling that would be our last dialogue if I responded with anything but agreement to her comment. I will even admit I was a bit fearful for like a millisecond because we had become somewhat close bonding over certain common interests and I liked her and she admitted she liked having me as a friend, so I thought “Oh man now she isn’t going to like me anymore if I say this”. I didn’t think that would be our last dialogue because I would cut her off for what she shared because i really had no intention to, but I thought she was going to cut me off because time and time again I have seen people cut off Christians not simply for being Christian but for our agreement with what is written in the Bible about Homosexuality.

I also wondered why it was that she felt so comfortable with me to call certain Christians who believe that homosexuality is a sin bigots? Did at some point I lead her into thinking I agree with homosexuality? I didn’t recall us even discussing the topic prior to that inbox message. She knew I’m a Christian from my profile on that website and from certain things I shared on the website and even certain things we discussed privately inbox, BUT we never discussed homosexuality because contrary to popular belief Christians aren’t feigning to get in some discussion over homosexuality. We don’t wake up for the sole purpose of talking about homosexuality. My experience has shown that more often it is non-christians who bring the topic up or throw down the gauntlet so to speak, as I felt was the case in this scenario.

So, I thought to myself, Why did she bring this up? Is she testing me? Is she trying to see what kind of Christian I am to see if I’m worth continuing a friendship with? (being that there are people out there who profess to believe in Christ but they support, defend, and some even claim to be “gay christians”, so maybe she thought I was was one of those Christians who confess from their lips to believe that Jesus Christ is Lord and that I follow Him but turn around and still support, defend, and participate in things He clearly told us in the scriptures to repent of and abstain from if we want to inherit the kingdom of God. I guess I gave her a shock when I said what I did.

I just wanted to share this to show how today it seems like disagreeing with homosexuality is the sole determining factor in which people will conclude your entire character no matter what else you believe, no matter how respectful and kind you are toward them, shucks you could save their life and still the type of person you are boils down to where you stand on Homosexuality. The line in the sand has been drawn, either you’re against or for homosexuality, and if you’re against it people will want nothing to do with you. Jesus Christ did say count the cost when it comes to being His disciple, (Luke 14:25-34). I would rather follow Christ than man even if it causes me to be alone, I will be fine, all genuine believers in Jesus Christ will be fine. The Lord of hosts is with us, the God of Jacob is our refuge. Psalm 46:7.


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