Are you greater than the Master?


To my brothers and sisters in Christ.
I have sat and seen many Christians on Facebook and elsewhere almost always presenting some kind of disclaimer before they preach the word on hot button topics like homosexuality and transgender, adultery, fornicating, etc. I said to myself why do they do this? I even used to do this, so then I thought, why do we do this? We don’t owe anyone anything besides love like the word says (see Romans 13:8). Love is not aiding and abetting sin. Many have memorized the first few verses in 1 Corinthians 13 about love, perhaps it sounds poetic to some, perhaps they inject into it their own interpretation, but they willfully forget the bit that says that “love does not rejoice in iniquity, but in the truth” (see 1 Corinthians 13:6), ALL iniquity(unrighteousness) is sin, (see 1 John 5:17). Speaking the truth is also LOVE. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the biggest evidence of love ever!! Christ died so we could have life! God in the flesh (see John 1:1, John 1:14, 1 John 4:2, 1 Timothy 3:16), laid down His own life so we could be reconciled to Him, so we could have eternal life through His Son. That is LOVE! I have seen some who profess to be Christians yet they NEVER preach repentance. I mean NEVER. How do you call yourself a follower of Christ and not do what He said all disciples are to do, which is preach repentance for the remission of sins? (See Luke 24:47). Yet, they are quick to talk bad about Christians who are walking in the truth. They, who never preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, who I have seen with my eyes never preach repentance for the remission of sins, post about how horrible Christians are to gays and how hypocritical and judgmental Christians are, yet they (who I repeat again, profess to be Christian) never present any solution to sin, they only justify the wicked and condemn the just. (See Proverbs 17:15))

We don’t owe people an apology, we don’t have to cushion a blow, we ought to preach da word with boldness, with courage, especially in these days when more and more persecution is coming on us from even people we once called friends, brother, sister, mother, father, cousin, neighbor. People are out there talking about being tolerant when it comes to gays yet these are the most intolerant people out there, they talk about rights , equal rights, but have no issues walking over the rights of Christians, even creating legislation to infringe upon them all together. I have noticed that no matter how you tell the truth to some people as long as you talk about something they don’t want you addressing they will call you everything besides a child of God. So be it. I will preach the word, I will not cushion a blow, I will not walk on eggshells, I will not try to be anyone’s friend before I preach the life saving truth of God’s word to them, like I’m trying to sneak the word of God up on them after we’re “friends”, (it is deceitful). I will not try to make anyone see how nice and normal I am before I share the truth with them. I will simply preach the word in a spirit of gentleness and with boldness, and if need be, rebuke with sharpness. We don’t owe anyone an apology, we don’t owe anyone a disclaimer as though what we’re about to say are our own words, or profane words, we preach the word of God, that alone has power and needs no apology.

We don’t have to present some kind of preamble before we share the word of God. Too many people trying to be friends or seem “cool” and “normal” with people who hate God. The word of God is powerful and doesn’t need us to add anything to make it more effective. It doesn’t need us to set a tone, it doesn’t need us to be in the “in crowd” or “in the know” in order for the word of God effectively increase, it doesn’t need to us to be “creative” and present the truth in a more palatable way to appeal to the youths or anyone.

We don’t need to use worldly things or worldly means to draw people to God, only the Father draws people to Christ (see John 6:44),anything else is in vain. Let the Lord build the house please.(see Psalm 127:1). There are too many people professing to be Christians (disciples of Jesus Christ) who are trying to be loved by the world and in the process they forget the word of God and how He told us that the servant is not greater than the Master (see John 15:20), we’re His servants. If they hated Christ they will hate us too, if they listened to Christ they will hear our words too. Christ already told us this, (see John 15:18-25) WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO BE LOVED BY THE SAME PEOPLE THAT HATE THE GOD YOU PROFESS TO SERVE???? DON’T GO ON A FOOLS ERRAND. WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO BE FRIENDS WITH PEOPLE WHO HAVE PROVEN THAT THEY ARE MOCKERS, SCOFFERS, ANTI-CHRIST? THEY HATE JESUS CHRIST, ARE YOU GREATER THAN THE MASTER???


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