A Few Lessons from the Chronicles of Kings in the Bible


There is so much we can learn in the Old Testament about God’s true and righteous judgments, especially in books like Judges, 1st and 2nd Kings, 1st and 2nd Chronicles. I have been re-reading recently some stories of the kings in 2 Chronicles Chapter 10 to Chapter 25. I’ve read about Jehosophat, Asa, Abijah, Rehoboam and a few others. Just from their actions a person can see the consequences of following your own heart, being wise in your own eyes, trusting in your own judgments instead of trusting in God, what happpens when you walk in the counsel of the ungoldly and standing in the path of sinners (which David warns about in Psalm chapter 1). You can also see the rewards from trusting in God, seeking His counsel espcially in difficult matters, also being patient and waiting on God, and heeding His warnings which are for our benefits not destruction if we obey.

Mainly from the story of Jehosophat many people know the scripture, “The battle is not yours but the Lord” 2 Chronicles 20, which has to do with how God delivered Jehosophat’s enemies into his hands without him and his army even having to pull their swords out of their sheaths, they literally stood and watched their enemies kill themselves, that’s an amazing story of the power and faithfulness of God to those who are His, but what stuck out to me about King Jehosphat’s story was God’s mercy toward a disobedient Jehosophat when he allied with the wicked King Ahab and went to war against God’s command to not go.

In the midst of the battle Jehosophat was surrounded and about to be killed but he cried out and God delivered him even though Jehosophat was not supposed to have been out there in the first place. Earlier God sent a prophet to warn both him and Ahab who instead listened to their false prophets who promised victory, (Not much different than many of today’s prophets who promise money cometh, victory this victory that but no repentance in order to receive this victory, just name it claim it, declare and decree, blab it grab it, no humility or submission to the instructions of God, no self examination). Still God had mercy upon Jehosophat, and Jehosophat did not take this for granted he had prepared his heart to seek God, (2 Chronicles 19:3)

Ahab thought the true prophet of God sent to warn him was being negative so he didn’t listen to him, (this is something I see a lot of people do today. If they feel your news is not pleasing in their ears they think you’re being negative, they never consider what if this news is truly a warning from God to save you), Ahab faced the consequences of wanting to be surrounded only by people who said what he wanted to hear instead of what he needed to hear, Ahab died.

Through the story of these kings I have realized that if a person truly sets their heart to seek God (like Jehosophat did) God knows this and is merciful. God truly much rather show mercy even when we have made terrible mistakes, if we repent, confess our sins, humble ourselves and cry out to Him and turn to Him with a sincere heart God will forgive us no matter what we did, God will deliver us from all evil. From reading the stories of these Kings I have seen many wicked Kings fall, I have  also learnt DO NOT follow ungodly counsel EVER because you will regret it. I have learnt it is ALWAYS better to trust in God and not man. I have seen Kings that once destroyed idols and returned to God and instructed the people to do so they later turned back around and rebuilt these idols and returned to wickedness and paid the consequences. I have seen Kings go from being humble before God to turning around and becoming prideful after after their riches increased they ended up forgetting God and started trusting in man and themselves, (King Asa did this and suffered the consequences of this, even in his illness he still didn’t humble himself.) Some people could be right at deaths door and still not humble themselves, they face the consequences for it. So much to learn in these pages about the ways of the Lord. I definitely recommend reading these accounts. These Old Testament accounts were written for our instruction as examples of what not to do (do not do evil) and what to do (trust in the Lord and do what He says).


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  1. Brenda says:

    Hi Sateigdra,
    I was just thinking about you and thought ‘I wonder if I can add Sateigdra’s new blog to my blog list. As you know, I am not very good at the ins and outs of blogs and thought the blogs all had to be the same type to have on a list. (I am learning).
    I agree with all you have said here, God is a very loving, forgiving God and understands that we are flesh. I have made many mistakes in my life, but if we have empathy we have sympathy and understanding of others who go through the same things. There is a difference between wilful sinning and being tricked into going against God as we are on our learning journey.
    I love the way that we are taught through discerning the scriptures spiritually.
    I agree totally with what you have written here :- ‘Ahab faced the consequences of wanting to be surrounded only by people who said what he wanted to hear instead of what he needed to hear, Ahab died.’
    and in no way would I want to be in the same position. I want to hear what I need to hear.

    God bless you Sateigdra.

    1. SLRK says:

      Thanks Brenda for dropping by. We each have made mistakes but we are able to understand what others go through and we’re able to empathize and sympathize with others, and you’re correct that there’s a difference between wilfully sinning and being tricked.

    2. SLRK says:

      God bless you also Brenda, your comments are always so encouraging to me. Thank you.

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