The Queen of Sheba according to The Bible


In some circles today there is much ado about where Christianity originated from. I won’t get into all the different theories but I want to talk briefly about one theory that claims that Christianity is a “white man’s religion”. I know for the white people reading this you’re probably like, what? Yup, there are people who actually are making those claims in order to discredit not just Christianity but really it’s an attack on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

My friend and sister in Christ Amanda said this over on Facebook refuting the absurd and heretical claims of Christianity’s origin being the “white man’s” creation:

“1. Moses married an Ethiopian woman Num 12
2. Jeremiah was saved by an Ethiopian eunuch Jer 38
3. Phillip baptizes an Ethiopian eunuch Acts 8
Christianity in Africa predates the Trans-Atlantic slave trade”

I couldn’t have said it any better and those were only a few Biblical examples to refute this lie of the “white man’s religion”.  Below is my reply to her post.

The Queen of Sheba should be added to this list because she’s another who heard the truth about the Lord God. Some folks have dragged the Queen of Sheba’s name through the mud by depicting her as some Ethiopian who went to Israel and left  there pregnant. That claim has many people revising Ethiopian history by concocting some genealogy to contradict what we know about the true genealogy of Jesus Christ.(Matthew 1:1-25).

The Bible is crystal clear as to why the Queen of the South (as she is also called) came from her country.  She came after hearing in her own country about “the fame of Solomon concerning the name of  the Lord.” 1 Kings 10:1

How did she hear of his wisdom all the way in the south if Christianity is a white man’s religion? We know that the wisdom Solomon possessed was from God and more than likely he told The Queen of Sheba about the true Lord God. How else would he have explained his incomparable wealth and wisdom that was so overwhelming that the Queen of Sheba fainted after seeing and hearing all of it? (1 Kings 10:5).

After the Queen of Sheba received what she came for (to hear the wisdom of King Solomon and to test him with hard questions), also after receiving gifts from Solomon (1 Kings 10:13) and after giving him gifts of gold, spices, and precious stones. (1 Kings 10:10), it is written “so she returned and went to her own country, she and her servants. ” 1 Kings 10:13. When Solomon got a wife she STAYED in his country, he wasn’t short of wives (who were also royalty from their own countries) or of concubines. So, the story of him impregnating the Queen of the South is foolish talk to be disregarded. But I said all of this to point out another way the news about the true and living God got to Africa and is not a “white man’s religion”.  The Queen of Sheba even blessed the Lord God of King Solomon in 1 Kings 10:6-9.

(TODAY) Ethiopia is reported to have the largest population of Christians in all of Africa. But some here in the West say we’re following a “white man’s religion”.

“Go from the presence of a foolish man, when thou perceivest not in him the lips of knowledge.” Proverbs 14:7

This event with the Queen of Sheba was significant enough that even the Lord Jesus said this in Matthew 12:42, “The Queen of the South will rise at the judgement with this generation and condemn it, for she came from the ends of the earth to listen to Solomon’s wisdom, and now a greater than Solomon is here.” That greater is Jesus Christ the Lord, the Son of the living God. 

The truth will always prevail in spite of the naysayers.


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  1. Brenda says:

    Hi Sateigdra,
    I have never heard of anyone saying this, but I don’t go onto a lot of social media. What I would have to say is that I believe people who think that way would definitely not be Christian themselves. Didn’t God create all nations, and does He not offer salvation to all of us and want all of us to be saved? Any body who thinks that way would be a bit like Hitler who hated Jewish people.
    My mother’s family were Jews who came into this country in the eighteen hundreds from either Austria or Germany,and I would not be here now if they had remained where they were – due to people’s prejudices.
    God bless Sateigdra, my sister.

    1. SLRK says:

      Hello Brenda, this way of thinking is based on a prejudice and ignorance. These kind of lies are more popular than you could imagine and not only on social media but in a lot of black communities and countries.

      I consider this type of talk utter foolishness and I know it is a lie straight from the enemy to cause confusion through deception. These lies need to be pulled down using our weapons which are mighty in God, His word which is the truth.

      God bless you too Brenda, my sister in Christ. 😃😃😃💕💕💕

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